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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hanging Time Next!

I've finished my modern quilt, added a sleeve and  just need to get a rod so I can hang.  I'm thinking of putting this piece in our master bath above the jacuzzi.  Right now I have two quilts hanging there and they need to be replaced!

I'm happy with how this piece turned out.  I'll photograph it again once it's hung up.  Fun to do a free form type quilt.  No real plan in mind for it other than I wanted a white background.

The only mistake, I consider, was I didn't have much scrap fabric left so my binding was cut to around 3/4 inch.  Instead of doing a single binding, I elected to sew a double fold which ended up having the binding around 1/4" or less all  around!  Boy, that was tough to sew the corners!!  But it's's not for show...only for us!!

Bob and I headed to the show AGAIN on Tuesday!  I can't believe it!  Two shows in two weeks!!!  We saw Magnificent Seven and it was great!  The movie was over 2 hours but honestly the time went by so fast!!!    We then headed off to The Laundry for a wonderful lunch!  Plus, we had the best waitress I think ever!  Her name was Sarah and she was fantastic!  So helpful to us as well as to other patrons.  She helped 3, 80+ old ladies select the right lunch for them...such a patient young lady and a great representative for the restaurant!

Think I'll be going to a third movie this year with Bob???  Guess we'll see!  Actually, I want to see the horror movie, Don't Breath!  I know I won't talk Bob into that one!  OK, I know I won't talk him into that one!


  1. It's progressed to done- nice! The colors in this one are somehow quite soothing. You sure gave yourself a challenge with the narrow binding. That was a "make it work" moment for sure. We aren't movie people very much either- can't recall the last one we saw in the theater. I'm sure it was a western or horse story though. Oh, I remembered, it was Miracles from Heaven and we saw it while in Arizona, not that long ago. And I cried all the way through it, so I should remember that!

  2. I love your new modern quilt. The colors remind me of sea glass. It should definitely bring a relaxing mood to the bath.

  3. Perfect Spa colors in your lovely mod quilt. I cannot imagine sewing that narrow of a binding. Movies are a great date and sometimes it is nice to do something you don't normally do. Falling into Autumn Bliss...


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