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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What a nice surprise!!!

Look what I received in the mail today!!!  These are from my 'blog bud' Mary Stori!!!  For you who don't know about Mary (can't imagine that!) she is a well known and respected beader/quilter/artist/author.  I actually have a book or two of Mary's as she was one of the first beaders whose book I read!

Anyway, Mary gifted me beads...beads...beads...from one beader to another, you can never have enough beads!!!  Of course these will be fact, I'm eyeing both of the blues for my squirrel beading project!!!

These gift tags are Mono printed Woolfelt  Mary made.  Aren't they beautiful and unique!  You can see Mary's post on making them here.  So clever!  And so much work!!  I am so thrilled but wish you could see and feel these tags in person!  I told Mary even on her blog the pictures don't do them justice!  They are wonderful!!!

And this is the case the gift tags came in!  Again, mono printed woolfelt!!!

What a wonderful surprise!!!!!  And check out the way she wrapped each gift!  With a measuring tape!  Now if that isn't clever!!!! But then, as I've told Mary before, she is my hero and I wouldn't expect any less creativity from her!  HA

Thanks again, my friend!!  So, so special!!!!  I may have to  keep the gift tags because they are so unique I won't want to part with any!  Actually, I may just use one for my grand daughter's upcoming Birthday!   And keep the rest!  HA

And look at another gift I received on Tuesday!  My neighbor, Lori, called and said "meet me in your garage, I have something for you."  So this is what she gave me!!!

Now for those who know me or have read my blog from time to time.....I have admitted drinking wine from a mug, especially when children are around!   A few years ago when I was spending six days with grand kids while their parents were on vaca....I had brought a bottle of wine with me and would have a drink at night with dinner....but I didn't want the kids to think grandma had a drinking problem, so I would fill my coffee mug with wine. while making dinner (which is what I do at home too!).   By the weekend, when time for me to head home, my grand daughter said "grandma, you didn't drink your wine so make sure you take it home".  Well, the bottle of wine was empty but with the amber color bottle she thought it was full!   I quickly placed the bottle (empty!) in my grandma bag without another word!
So the moral of the story can drink wine from a mug and no one will know!  Thanks, Lori!!!  That was so sweet of you!!!


  1. I’m blushing!!! Thank you for your kind words…..

  2. Terrific gifts- how thoughtful. Lots of creative goodness.

  3. Wine from a mug? Yes! My hubby ruined two $10,000 laptops by drinking his wine in a stemmed glass and bumping it over to fry each year apart. That was a very expensive lesson. So now only heavy mugs are allowed near laptops. How very sweet of Mary to share her beads with you. And those mono printed wool felt tags and envelope are gorgeous. Enjoy Creative Bliss...

  4. Lucky you...what nice (and thoughtful) gifts. My husband and I like our wine too. Never thought of using a mug. Hmmmm.

  5. Nice gifts from thoughtful friends! Drinking wine from a mug is a pretty good idea in my book. Those mugs hold up a lot better in the dish pan than wine glasses, lol. Of course, it doesn't matter when you use a dishwasher.
    xx, Carol


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