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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Focus on Fusing - Lesson 1

I started on Melody's, Focus on Fusing, class on Saturday.  This was our first lesson!!  Cutting out shapes and fusing onto backgrounds.

Of course I had fun cutting out hard part was trying to decide color combo's..this isn't my strong suit!  Not sure what my strong suit is but I know what it isn't!  HA

So here are my sample backgrounds/fused shapes.  Melody is having us keep these in a notebook.  I'm sure at some point, we can use them in an art quilt...but for the time being it's just a lesson and samples.

I'm thinking I may need to put more 'shapes' on my backgrounds but this is a good start for me!

Our lessons will be posted every Friday, so that should give us all enough time to create our samples.  Depending on my week, I just might make up some more!!!


  1. Nice!!! Though I like Melody’s work…’s good to see yours isn’t a clone….esp of her colors!! Instead, it's a Robbie project!!

  2. Now this is fun and freeing! I look forward to seeing more results of your fusing studies.

  3. I like your designs and colors -- keep it up!

  4. I can see already that this is a fun class for you!
    xx, Carol


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