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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Quilting Designs

I finished quilting each of the non hex blocks and I'm happy with that part of this quilt.  Kinda hard to see the quilting, but if you really care, just click on it to enlarge.

Now comes the issue of quilting around the hex's.  I had a thought one night in bed but I'm thinking that particular thought may not work out afterall!  This was the thought....I traced out the hex's on tracing paper and started to 'draw' in my quilting lines.   This would work but it's going to be difficult to get an even pattern going around each of the 3 hex's....I just started to fill in with a pencil and I know I'll get lost for sure as I quilt it on the machine!

So today I started to play around with two more quilting ideas!  This is another one.....too much me thinks!

And the last one.......again, too  much...

I still can't decide, so I'm going to hold off working on this piece until after our fiber meeting this coming Monday!  I know the ladies will provide some good input on how to quilt around the hex's.....or if you have an idea, PLEASE leave me a comment!  All suggestions will be welcome!!


  1. The quilting motif you’ve done so far is just perfect……perhaps you may want to keep it as elegant and scaled back in the hex blocks as well….rather than the more complicated ideas you’ve shown. Just my humble observation.

  2. Saved the challenge for last- a good plan. I wonder if you did some of the first drawing to quilt around the hexes for several rounds, and then morphed into the same straight-line designs you used in the alternate blocks. It could be a good way to unify while still showcasing the hexagons and enhancing the shapes (but not giving yourself a big headache in the process). Input from your Fiber Group is a good way to go, too. You know that something will click and then you'll be off and running! And good for Gigi with her little bell. She's got the picture.

  3. So perfect so far and I am absolutely sure you will proceed to more excellence. This piece is beautiful.
    xx, Carol

  4. Lovely blocks and colors. I like Nancy's idea above. Your group will also have ideas for you to ponder. Your drawings are amazing and are perfect for Zentangling.