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Friday, July 8, 2016

2nd Book Review -The Art of Fashion Tangling

If you want to check out some of the pages, you can go to the link on Amazon… this will give you an idea of what you’ll see…but there’s more to the book than just these few pages! 

Quite a few of us have done “tangling” or “zentangles” on cards or even a pair of tennis shoes!  Well, some of us have!  

This book is quite interesting in it's providing the reader or ‘tangler’ a different approach - tangling on different garments and accessories!   Each artist section has a unique garment for you to ‘tangle’…there are bathing suits, hats even paper dolls! 
I like the format of the book, which gives you a ‘get started’ section.  So if you’ve never ‘tangled’, you can see how easy it is to do so!  And you can practise right in the book!  That’s one feature I like, having so many different patterns in one place and my practise tangles in one place!  Right now I have several books/papers with different tangles on them.  I’d much prefer to grab this book if I wanted to decorate a card or even tangle on an apron or a T-shirt!  Now there’s an idea! 

Of course, those who follow Jill Buckley, from the Quilt Rat, know of her wonderful tangles, in addition to her fantastic quilting!  Jill’s section (Chapter 4) is full of tips and steps for creating some great tangles!!  I love her Tangled Hat on page 90!  And her tip on “using broken instead of solid lines” is SO clever!  Her section on shoes and handbags are full of different patterns, as are each of her sections.  I think some of these patterns could be done on fabric with a needle and thread!!  And that's exactly what Jill did....she had some of her doodle designs "picked up" by Janome and digitized for their embroidery machine!  So if you don't have that embroidery machine, you can create your own design(s) using Jill's patterns and tips from the book!

I definitely think this book is worth the cost ($17-20).  You’ll be inspired to learn how to tangle or to learn some new tangles!!  And who knows…you might just end up creating some new fashion items to wear or make for friends!!  Christmas is right around the corner you know!

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  1. Hey...Thanks Robbie! I sincerely do hope you find lots of inspiration among the pages. I was quite impressed with the fact that the publishers did not skimp on size, the images are nice and large so you can really see the details..... and yes that "hat" (on page 90) that isn't really a hat at all was a LOT of fun to design. Can't wait to see you translate some of this in your textile art!!!!