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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Being busy.....

In between dog walks, playing Suzie Homemaker, yada, yada I am keeping busy.  I made another 3D snowflake (I keep calling these stars!  Duh!).   My friend's mom will be undergoing some medical treatment over the next few months so I thought I'd make her a star since, at 90, I think, as does her kids, that she is a super star!  She did receive it on Friday and my friend was going to help her hang on her door.  Hope she enjoys it!
I also finished ALL the hand stitching on my Patchwork #2 piece!  Woohoo!  Now to square it up...well, it's not really going to be a needs to be 16" x 20" for our Masters exhibit.  I'm not putting a binding on it.  Instead, I'll just face it and make the label and sleeve.   Or I might just put on black binding.  No sure yet...but one more almost down!

I'm also making a few more BD cards for my Florida friends for October and November BD's.  I'll be showing those next month but they are almost finished as well.  And I've started on our next online challenge, Texture, for the Art Quilters Around the World blog.  It's not due until the end of November but I have so much to do that I need to get a head start.   This is a sneak peak!

 I'm also starting to think about my Fiber Valentines for this next year.  I know...bad enough stores are showing Christmas decorations and here I am talking about Valentine's Day!  I have to make at least 30 fiber cards this year!!!!  SO, I need a huge head start!!!


  1. Patchwork #2 is simply stunning……all the right colors in the right places…..topped off with the perfect stitching motif!!!

  2. Patchwork #2 is just perfection. I too noticed all the right colors in the right places and was trying to think of how to describe what I though and Mari said it perfectly. How did you time this project to be done at the end of ball season!
    xx, Carol

  3. Staying busy is something you do so very well dear. I must make one of those star snowflakes. I watched the video and they don't look complicated just some spare time involved. Love your Patchwork #2. You really do have a gift for colors and fabrics and stitching embellishments. Why not work on Valentine's all ready. Most holidays are very lengthy and run right into one another. Creative Bliss Dear...


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