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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Uniform Challenge

Here's my 'Uniform' challenge for the Art Quilts Around the World online challenge.  I actually started sewing the hex's at our 'weekend at Tommy's'!   The piece measures approximately 11.5" x 16". piece is not crooked as it looks here!  I admit I'm not a good photographer!!  Sorry!!!

What can be more 'uniform' than hex's!  OK, that was my thought!!    I started out cutting 2" strips as well as cutting out the paper hex's; sewed the hex fabric to the papers, then sewed the piece together.

Next up I made a template from freezer paper so I knew the size of hex's I needed as well as my pattern for the border.

I cut the border fabric and fused to my hex background...yes, I'm lovin making hex backgrounds!  HA
The piece was sandwiched and I used a triple stitching around the hex's.

 Because I didn't quilt any of the border, I thought it needed something I painted a few hexes in the border then hand stitched around them.    And that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. You are amazing…..what a daunting challenge….but oh so worth it!!!

  2. Great challenge piece. I have to really work at precision...maybe that's why I like Crazy Quilt so much!! You are definately the Queen of Hexies!
    xx, Carol

  3. Interesting piece- you've been bitten by the hexie bug! The accent stitching really enhances this. Well done.

  4. This piece is so "simple" in viewing however so complex in sewing. The colors are fabulous and your precision in lines and spacing is perfect. Creative Hexie Bliss Dear...


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