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Monday, September 21, 2015

Birthday Time(s)!

Yesterday, we had the kids up to celebrate Dawn's BD!  I enjoyed having them come up for brunch as I  love to entertain (Bob, not so much!  HA)!  This is our BD girl!

 I think the kids enjoyed the menu:  Hash Brown Casserole; Egg Stratta; Quiche Lorraine; Orange French Toast; sausage links; Pancakes (mainly for Nick!); six different fruits (I had individual fruit trays so they could pick and choose!) and home made Cinnamon rolls (Barefoot Contessa's recipe which is the best & easy to make!).  Yes, a lot of carbs but isn't that what a  BD is all about!  I also made cherry chip cupcakes, as that was Dawn's favorite and I think she still enjoys them from time to time.  She did text me this a.m. and said they were good!  Kids took them home as we were all pretty stuffed from brunch.

I don't remember the name of this type of decoration but from what I understand they are Dawn's favorite!  She'll be decorating her office at work soon for Halloween and now she has a head start on Christmas, a gift from her SIL!  She also received another Pandora charm from Kris/Darrin/kids...ok, who are we kidding!  Kris picks out all the gifts!  Isn't that what wives do!

Yes, all the men look quite ambitious!  HA...just to stick up for Darrin, he had to go into work at 5 a.m. and was headed back to work after taking Nick and Amber to a few stores.  So he was tired..and we did eat all those carbs!

And I'm so proud of Gigi!  She was a doll as this was only the 2nd time she's had any real company in the house!  What a doll!!!  I did pick her up and put her in Amber's arms and you can see from the pics, she settled in quite easily!

Gigi was actually sitting up on Amber's lap!

Gigi was starting to fall asleep when I took this picture!  She would walk beside Amber and we took the dogs out in the yard for awhile.  Nick was racing one of his cars in the street, which drove Gigi nuts.  She wanted to go after it so we ended up in the back yard!

Gigi also just laid by the patio door while we ate (she and Kalee do this when bob and I eat too).  I was so happy with how well behaved she was.

And here are the two other excited party goers!  Although, poor Nick is getting over a cold so he wasn't up to par.  Not sure what Kalee's excuse was!  She most likely wore herself out when everyone got here.  She loves people and gets so excited when anyone comes over!

All in all it was a really nice time with the kids!!!  Just need to do this more often!  Busy schedules and lives does interfere but we have to just make it happen!

AND today is another BD in the family!  It's MaryJo's BD!  Hope she has a great day as well!  This is Mary Jo and Ron (Bob's son) while in Florida this pat spring.  What a great couple and family!
Off to do some weeding then get dinner ready and hope to finish the inside of my hex horse tonight while watching FOOTBALL!

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  1. Birthdays and get togethers are always a wonderful way to celebrate and spend time together. The brunch menu sounds delicious even if it is a lot of carbs. Kalee and GiGi are so cute. You continue to always amaze me wiith how much you accomplish in a day and evening. Happy Sttching...


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