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Friday, September 4, 2015

What have I been doing??

Sometimes I even question myself as to what I do all week long!  This week has flown by and I know I've been busy...but mainly working on projects that I can show yet!!!  So that does make for a quiet blog..and you know how I love to have pics on my blog!  I'll need something to look at while I'm at the nursing home!
Last Saturday I had lunch with my daughter at Victoria's in Oxford!  Dawn  bought me lunch, which was delicious, and it was SO nice to just sit and chat with her.  BUT I was so busy talking I forgot to take a picture of us! But I have the memory picture in my mind!  We also visited one of the local shops, Soothe Your Soul.  Lots of soothing items and I believe 99 or 100% Michigan made.  Check out their blog.  They have classes, essential oils, clothing and massage therapy!  Really a neat store.  So nice spending time with Dawn!

Then on Tuesday Darrin and I surprised the kids and met for lunch at Grand Tavern!  Another really good lunch!  WOW!  I had fish tacos, which were great!  Darrin had tuna melt w/bacon, which he said he gets frequently and the kids each had BB pulled pork!  Fun to be with my kids this past week!   School starts next week so I'll be going down and visiting the kids on Friday afternoons...that way I don't have to be the "homework police"...HA

Wednesday I met my BFF, Carol T., at Crossbow Inn, a local restaurant.  Carol had the fish that Bob and I had last week, which I thought was really good.  I elected to get a Cobb Salad which I won't again.  Why?  I am not a volume eater, although I can sure pack it away.  I'd prefer to get high quality food vs a ton of lower quality food.  Now I'm not saying the items in the Cobb Salad were bad...I just could have made this same dish at home in my huge salad bowl!  For some reason when the salad was delivered I was just turned off by the well as appearance of the quality of items.  Don't get me wrong...I really like Crossbow...but just not for the salad.

 This picture isn't the dish I had but it honestly represents the volume of food!  This was for one person!  I have the same salad bowl my lunch came in and it was filled to the brim!  I've had company over and haven't filled it as high as what my salad was!  Needless to say we had salad for our main course Wednesday at dinner, as well as leftover salad the next day!  Just sayin!

Last night Bob and I went to Applebee's for our Long Island Ice Tea specials.  Yep, we're all about the specials and eating early!  Well, we don't eat lunch and have a light breakfast so we can drink and eat on date night!  We had our fried green beans for appetizer and our Tequila Lime Chicken for dinner...and yes, we did have dessert...Applebee's Smoor's!  YUM!!!!  We needed our 'food fuel' to watch both the Lions (they won but I fell asleep!) and Michigan play (they lost).  Bob Tivo'd both games so we would flip back and forth.  Finally at midnight we went to bed to finish watching the Lion's!  Whew!  Too late of a night for me!
Tonight and tomorrow I'm cooking dinner!!  Sunday Darrin and Kris have invited Dawn, Jeff and Bob and I for dinner!  That is still home cooking so not as bad as eating out!  I don't plan another meal out until next Thursday!  Let's hope!

Guess I should have called this post "eating out"!


  1. Socializing and not having to cook is a very good way to spend your time!!!

  2. Nice outing- I'm with you in that some restaurants just give you too much food. If yours looked like that bowl, I'd say it was family-size rather than single serving.

  3. Lots of Family time is so important. Somehow eating is always a big part of getting together with family and/or friends. Enjoy making memories dear...


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