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Monday, September 7, 2015

Yep...I'm still stitching!

Well, I'm stitching if not cleaning, cooking, walking dogs (4 x's a day!), laundry, dog lessons and of course  going out for lunch or dinner!  HA

I did get some input on my hex horse while away at my sewing weekend.  So this week I decided before I add another circle or two (good input from the ladies) I ran some darker thread through the stitching on the outer circle.
Yes, this picture is upside down!!  But you get the drift!

This was before I added thread on the outside...sure gives more definition to the circles and I'm happy with that change.

Now to add one more circle to the bottom area and finish the stitching on the horse, which I did work on this week as well.

Yesterday, Darrin and Kris had us, Auntie Dawn and Uncle Jeff over for ribs and salmon!  OMG!  Darrin made the BEST ribs ever!  Bob can't stop talking about it nor can I.  For some reason this was the first time in years that I even ate the ribs!  Delicious!!  Of course, so was the grilled salmon, twice baked sweet potatoes, corn/zucchini fritters (Dawn made) and warm bread.  YUM!  I made corn/bean salsa, bruschetta, Key lime cake and chocolate chip cookies for the kids...although, Jeff didn't want any of the lime cake he'll pay for that sometime in the future!  HA

It's 89 degrees at the moment and too hot to do any weeding or outside work (THANK GOODNESS!) so guess it's stitching time and perhaps a Netflix afternoon!  It's my day off...I did two walks with dogs early this a.m. but no dog lesson today either.  Yes, I'm being selfish!  It's all about me relaxing!  Oh, I did a load of whites and sheets today!  Does that count??


  1. I do like the darker thread to accent the circles. Stitching is such a relaxing pastime. Great family time with delicious food is a very good thing. Weeding can always wait. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  2. You get more done in a day than I do in a week! And your horse is gorgeous. I do like the added definition around the circle.

  3. Yes, I like the darker thread effect too. Ribs? My very most favorite of all meat dishes. Terry hates them, but Corey loves them too so I prepare them often. For me, the only good thing about the cooler and colder weather is that I use the oven more. BUT, ribs in the Nesco Roaster are pretty darned good too.


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