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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Still working away on hand stitching projects so thought I would post a few quilts from the past.  Isn't it always fun to look back on your work and think "how did I do that!"  or "why did I do that!".

These first two are from the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational 2010 - Theme: South of the Border.  Yes, I completed two for this was jut way too much fun!


This quilt is 20" x 24".   I had a picture from the movie poster printed on fabric (I did get permission to print the image, after intensive research!).  You may have to click on the picture to see the hand stitching.  Yep, it is all hand stitched with a stab stitch and of course I had to add beads to make the cactus!  


Amate is a Mexican and Latin American art form that is painting on bark.  Amate has been passed down from one generation to the next and by the 50’s was starting to die out but rediscovered in the late sixties.  I got permission from the Mexican Folk Art web site  to use Tomas Ramirez’s painting as my inspiration. 

For this 20" x 24" piece, I painted Tyvek fabric then sandwiched and free motion quilted the Tyvek on hand dyed fabric.  To represent bark, I  burnt the edges and design using both soldering iron and a household iron.  I really do enjoy this process and I'm thinking of doing a tutorial,  per suggestion from a blog buddy!).  I'm sure there are others out there that have already played with this technique and perhaps we can all share!

This next piece is a real oldie!  Back in 2006, I was invited along with 30 other artists from the area to create a piece of art work for the Genome Project.  Our art work was going to be on display at The Whiting Auditorium in conjunction with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange.,  where they presented the "Ferocious Beauty: Genome" dance program.  It was a pretty cool program and the art work was amazing.  Our group of seven were the only art quilters.  The rest of the artists did sculptures and lots of 'things' hung from the ceiling to represent DNA!  

We were each 'assigned' a particular section of DNA/Genome. I was given Chromatin Fiber and here's my piece. It's 20" x 24" and the circles were from fabric I had screen printed. Only problem, I ran out so I scanned in a piece of the fabric and printed it out so I could finish the piece!  What would we do without our computers/scanners/printers!

I hand dyed the cording and filled the circles with beads, which were glued down.  And yes, it is heavy!!!

Also, check out Lynn's blog post!  I have supported Bernie in the past and Lynn has a great idea!  So check it out!!!  Now back to 2015 projects!  And of course dog walking/training and donating to a good cause!  


  1. Thanks for sharing….I hadn’t seen them before…….very cool!!!

  2. I didn't recall this piece either- so interesting! And the scanned fabric was a perfect solution.

  3. Robbie your quilts are truly stunning. No matter what genre you select to work in you do such an amazing job. Every little detail adds such perfection to your end result. So happy you shared this past work. I believe being uber creative is in your DNA.


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