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Friday, March 7, 2014

A Different Perspective!

My friend, Nancy, from Quilting Potpourri, sent me this comment on my last leaf post, which I thought was a great idea.  She said "maybe put a thimble in your next progress photo to show relative size?".    So here it is!

Thanks for the suggestion, Nancy!!!  Good thing this is fall it most likely won't get finished until this fall!  Be sure to stop over to see what Nancy has been up to!!  She's one busy lady for sure!!

Well, I've been busy and running since Tues., which was a fun day having lunch with Jan and Marilyn and being consumers as well!!  Wed, and today was more running around!!  Whew...but yesterday we had a rainy day so rather than just sit and bead or stitch on my challenge piece, I decided to make a new table runner for the house here in Florida.  Jan/Larry have blues in their kitchen  and I just happened to have brought with me some blue print yesterday, I sandwiched a yard and started some FMQ'ing.  Here are a few shots of the runner...hard to see the quilting as I used 28wt navy blue Aurifil thread.

 I'm almost finished with the quilting then I'll add the binding, using the same fabric.  I'm not sure if I'll   paint in some of the areas of the feathers or not...So maybe  I'll finish up the quilting this afternoon.  I have dinner ready to heat up when Bob gets home from golf so I have about an hour or so to 'play'!

I just got back shortly ago from running around again!  On the way home, I stopped at the new Yards N' Yarn shop!  How cool as they carry yarn and fabric and notions!  Talk about being in heaven!  Wow!  And great prices on the fabric.  I needed approximately 7 yards for Ian's quilt and was able to purchase batik fabric for $8.99 a yard!    They are getting more fabrics in but have a nice selection already.  They have a stitch night called Thread Therapy where you can bring any project (e.g. knitting, quilting, whatever) and sit, stitch and just have fun.  It's every Thursday 3-5...which I think is great.  I don't like going out at night and would prefer to attend these functions during the day!  I might have to talk Peggy into going one day!!  

More running this weekend....I'm going to the garden show on Sat., then off to the Tioga art fair on Sunday!  Monday is stay home day then Tuesday we're going to the Appleton museum and lunch at a great little cafe!
 I'm going to stop at the Yards N Yarn shop on the way, the ladies don't know it yet but they will!   I'm driving!  


  1. are one very busy and talented lady!! Leaf is coming along beautifully and I have FMQ envy!!

  2. OMGosh, I'd love to have just 1/2 of the places you find to go. I went out for just 1-1/2 hours today and my crazy pup destroyed the bottom pillow of his crate. He was so MAD. Now he won't go back in it. Brother! What a way to make your mom feel guilty.

  3. Now that's the ticket... it's easy to see how large this leaf is. It's looking quite spectacular! Your feathers are, too. Thanks for noting my blog. Yards 'n Yarn is a fun shop. What a great weekend for the art/craft and gardening events. We were in downtown for the First Friday Art Walk, and it was c-o-l-d. Not a huge turnout as you might expect.

  4. Showing the thimble with the leaf really does gift perspective to the size of your beautiful beading project. Your FMQing on that gorgeous blues fabric is stunning. You just make it sound like the stitching almost happens by itself. Hmmm... Stay busy and happy my friend as that is what keeps us young and interesting.


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