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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Done but not!

I know the post title doesn't make sense but this blog is for me, I know what it means...first, I want to say thank you to my blog buddy, Sherry, over at Creatology for my potpourri/sachet she made for me!  I know that I took a picture of it but dang if I can find it on my camera or on my laptop!  I'm having a heack of a time with pics lately!
Well, take another picture you say but...I packed it away to take with me to Florida!!   I thought it would smell so good and I don't know what box or bag I stashed it in!'ll just have to go to Sherry's blog and check out this post!  You'll get the idea on what a lovely gift she sent me!   It does smell so good!!!  Sherry is a sweet, giving lady and you'll enjoy her blog.  She is so creative....thank you again, my friend!! between lots of lunch's out (one more tomorrow with my daughter and DIL!), I've been doing some more arm knitting!  I've only made three infinity scarves and may not make any more this winter.  My daughter has made over 11!!!  She is an over achiever!
I've made two for myself and one for a gift.  This is one I made this afternoon and I wore it tonight for dinner out.
 Speaking of eating...I think I've gained 5 lbs from eating out and it's not even after Christmas, which is when folks usually gain the weight!  Geezzzz  But starting Saturday, I'll be busy, busy....getting last minute grocery shopping, groomers for Kalee, library, cleaning out the car so I can get the back seat/floor packed up with my sewing/art supplies.  I'll do that Sunday or Monday....Tuesday, kids come up for Christmas Eve dinner and celebration and Christmas Day we have Bob's daughter and hubby for our holiday time together.
Next Thursday, I'll do laundry and we'll pack our clothes.  We never do that until the day before we leave.  We know what we're taking so no point in packing way ahead of time.  We usually have the car all packed up by 3 or 4 in the afternoon then sit and wait for morning to com!
Next Friday we head south....hope the snow holds off for the kids and for us!  We've been fortunate as only one year did we have some not so nice weather driving down the x-way.  Keeping our fingers crossed!


  1. You look beautiful in your new arm knit scarf. Thank you for your kind words. I think we were both on the same giving mind vibe today. Safe travels South. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Peace Joy and Love...

  2. Arm knitting....seriously....the scarf turned out great....who'd have thunk it? BTW - I have to seal my mouth for the rest of the holiday season.....way too many calories have found their way in too.

  3. The scarf is really nice. It's just such a quirky craft, that it will be fun to explain it when people ask where you got it! Good luck on the run-up to your trip. See you soon. Something new in the robot thing- there are 8 digits followed by 4 digits. Good luck to me getting it right the first time!


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