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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A wonderful welcome

Besides coming into such a warm and lovely home for the winter, (thanks Jan & Larry!!), we also get to look at beautiful foliage each day!
Beautiful roses in bloom!  Kalee and I love sitting out front waiting for Bob to come home from golf...especially for Kalee, since she gets to go on her golf cart ride!

I love this bottle brush tree in the front yard!

And check out the Hibiscus!  We tried to make sure to cover it last winter when the temps dropped...each winter, Bob and I are afraid we'll let the plant die if it gets too cold...the temperature does drop in the late evening/early a.m. but moves up quickly during mid morning....

The flowers and limbs are hanging over onto the driveway!!!

Lovely isn't it!  It is overcast today but we had sun earlier on our a.m. dog walk.  It's 61 one out now (@ 1:46) but perfect weather for Kalee and I!  Bob will come home from golf being cold until he gets his hot bath at night!  He's an '80' degree weather guy!  Me, not so much!

We are going out for dinner tonight , New Years Eve, with 10 others...we usually don't go out on New Years but it will be nice to see everyone!  Tomorrow is another get together with everyone at LaPlantes!  They welcome all of us into their home each year...they are the best!

So Happy New Years each and all...let's hope 2014 will be the best every for us all!


  1. I'm jealous of your warm weather and beautiful flowers.......Ditto to the New Years wishes.....

  2. Happy New Year!! You sure beat the sub zero temps that are headed our way.

    Love your Hibiscus. I have several bushes and they are my very favorite, as well as the hummer's favs too.


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