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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas with all the kids and grand kids...but missing Ron, MJ, Ian and Kayla...but they were in our thoughts!  Just wanted to share more pictures from our ice storm...this is the beauty of winter and Michigan!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and the best to each of you in 2014!
Winter Beauty


  1. Merry Christmas Robbie.
    Love the pictures. Ice storms make beautiful sights as long as they don't take the power lines down!

  2. Yes, the scenes are stunningly beautiful, BUT....I don't miss the rest of the drama that goes along with ice storms!! Glad you were safe and sound.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous. We just got a bit more snow but with the sun out I doubt it will stick. Ucky and gray otherwise.


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