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Monday, December 2, 2013

QAYG Finally Hung!

Yep...I finally got to hanging up my QAYG wall hanging this past Friday!  Funny, it hangs beside Bob's chair but he never noticed!  HA...go figure!

Kalee likes dad's chair and she likes the wall hanging!

Detail shows up well with the day light!

So on to another new project....I want to work on Ugo but think I might start another hand project....sounds good to me!

We did have a very nice visit with the kids from Indiana this past Saturday.  Ron, MaryJo and Ian drove over for breakfast before they  headed over to see MJ's mom and dad in Holland, Michigan.  It's always so nice to see the kids and spend time with them.  Ian is SO tall and no, I didn't get any pictures!  Dang!  I can stand under his armpit! That's how tall he is!  And what a nice young man he is!!  That's a compliment to Ron and MJ...they are great parents and have kept the kids grounded and provided them a wonderful life foundation!


  1. I think it's swell....even if 'the family' doesn't notice it! Seriously, if I came home with orange hair....I doubt 'the husband' would notice either!

  2. Well done! It's quite a restful piece somehow. Probably Bob only noticed how much more relaxing his chair is- he thought it was the chair but it's the quilt! Kalee looks right at home.

  3. Love the quilting texture (and the pup) very cute!!

  4. Kalee has very good taste. Your wall quilt is stunning and looks beautiful hanging on the wall. Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

  5. Nice work Robbie. Very calming.

  6. Love your spiral quilting.....well, I love everything about your wall hanging!


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