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Sunday, December 29, 2013

we're here!

We made it safe & was a strange trip....sun so strong on Friday that you could hardly see!   I know...we shouldn't complain so we didn't....then weird drivers, lots of rain in Macon, which makes it fun to walk  dog in!  Today an accident held us up for about 45 min.  Still more traffic than we have ever run into...then 1 mile from our exit (2 miles from the community!) There was another accident!  Fortunately, we were in the far right lane...but then our gas alarm went off...we usually make it to the exit & Bob fills up before we head to the house…we did make it...
Arrived at the house& it looked so wonderful!  A huge thanks to Jan & Larry...they always make us feel like we are at home!!!
So we unload all but my art supplies from the back seat, then I take off to the grocery store (which is right across the highway, my wonderful Publix) while Bob puts together Gracie's cage.
I come home, unload groceries, get Grace & put in her in the cage, feed her then start to put away other "stuff" we far so to make dinner...I thought it would be fun to make homemade pizza.  Got the dough ready (pizza dough by Publix), cut up onion, green pepper, mushrooms...went to put the pizza sauce out & can't find it....hmmmmmmm.  After much discussion with Bob, which I won't go into, I went back to the grocery store.  No, they didn't have it...hmmmmmm, so I bought another container...back to the house & had Bob make his own and I started to make mine...but wait, where are my olives!  I know I bought those too....hmmmmmmm.  Oh well....I did look at my receipt & did pay for both items,so I didn' t dream I bought them!
So now I was getting our salad out and started to set the I was moving around a chair in the kitchen what did I find but a bag that fell onto the seat!!!  And two guesses what was in the bag!  Plus, my two cans of tuna fish & Panko crumbs....wonder how long it would have taken me to realize they were missing too! Pizza was good, I dried dishes, put away my clothes, made the bed.
Needless to say...I just took a shower, washed and dried my hair & now I am resting!   I think I've had enough for today!
Just for my record...raining when we got here, stopped when I went to the store….temp is 71 @ 9:40 p.m.  goodnight


  1. Yippee !! Glad you made it back. But, did you bring the rain with you.....altho we do need it. When we arrived back home lat night, the high humidity was a surprise for this time of year....But the temperatures are lovely. Welcome back.

  2. Glad you had a safe trip, though a few challenges went with it. Cannot imagine running empty in a traffic jam on the interstate- that's the stuff of a nightmare. Take a deep breath, now get those art supplies out. See you soon. The Barn Quilt Lady is presenting at guild on Thurs. the 2nd.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures of sunshine and warmth and your new projects!


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