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Monday, December 16, 2013

Count down is on!

Yep..countdown for both Christmas and heading south is on.  And with being so far ahead and relaxed! this year, I've been playing!
 I finished all the applique on my Tiffany now it's time for hand stitching in addition to free motion quilting.  I might get time to sandwich and outline quilt so the piece is stabilized before we head south...
But the fun, fun thing I did is this!
I know it doesn't look like much daughter called me yesterday and asked if I've ever done any 'arm knitting'...what the heck is arm knitting!!  I never heard of it....Dawn informed me she had made 3 scarves in a little over an hour!   She then sent me to YouTube where there are several videos showing how to arm knit.  Basically, you're not using needles but your hands and arms to knit with!  Check out this pic below!   You can check out this site too for instructions.  The young lady is quite clever!

I didn't have any chunky yarn so I just used some fiber yarn I had on hand!  It really looks better on than in the picture...but if you knit and have arthritis in your hands, this is the best alternative!  It's so much fun to do...BUT....make sure you have 30-60 min. of uninterrupted time!  It's hard to walk around the house with yarn on both arms!!


  1. LOL. I just found out about arm knitting myself! How does one go to the bathroom! HA!

    Have a lovely holiday and a safe trip down south! You are getting out in the knick of time. I think this winter will be a doozy.

  2. Beautiful peacock is coming right along. I just heard about arm knitting today too. Must be safe for airplane flights. Happy Packing and Safe Journey South Dear...

  3. You made great progress on the Tiffany piece! Arm knitting- what next!! That's fun. See you soon.

  4. Very funny.Like your peacock! I can't wait to hearing all your stories when you are down south.

  5. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal recently about arm knitting. I had never heard of it before. It sounds fun!


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