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Saturday, August 3, 2013


OK, so after I got back from grocery shopping, I scrubbed the dining room & kitchen wood floors and the master bath.  All on my hands and knees!  Yes, I'm old fashion and I like to get down and not just move a wet mop around...guess I'd rather move a wet rag around!  Oh well...makes me feel better...I only do this once a of the time I do just move that wet mop around the floors!

I also brushed Kalee and trimmed Cody's bottom and now I'm sitting and relaxing!  Figured I better get a blog post out there.  Yesterday, I worked most of the day quilting my sun/moon Tiffany piece.
I decided to just outline quilt the moon and the background.

For the sun, I plan on doing some stab stitching by hand.  I would like to add some beads and of course I have to decide how to stitch the rest of the moon pieces...purple and orange points.

The next pic shows some of the background stitching.  From a distance, you can't even tell there's any stitching there.  That's fine with me...I don't want to take away from the moon or sun.

So that's all from me!  A beautiful day again with all windows the fresh air!!!


  1. You got a lot done in a day! This piece is gorgeous...wonderful fabrics and stitching. We're back from Maine and had a great trip. Yet it's always good to be home. Much to catch up on.

  2. This is SUPER successful.....the quilting motifs perfect!!!!

  3. Fortunately for me Mr. C does the wood floors. I completely understand doing them on hands and knees as that is usually how I do mine. Somehow a mop just moves the dirt around and I feel like I am chasing it.
    Stunning Sun and Moon with your quilting. This will be a masterpiece.

  4. I am IMPRESSED!!!!! Some jobs just have to be done the old fashioned way.....just think of the calories you burned too. lOL!!!!

    LOVE that sun /moon piece. FABULOUS!

  5. I love the quilting on this piece! I, also, do the mopping on my hands and knees, but not NEARLY as often as you do.

  6. I love echo quilting and the fingerprint that results!


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