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Monday, August 26, 2013

I'll stick to my day job...whatever that is!


Yep...going to stick to my day job - now I just need to figure out which that 'day job' is - fiber - beads - dye!  Anyway, the Watercolor Lettering class is really great...I am enjoying working in a new medium, watercolor....and I've learned some new tips from Val Webb that I know I can apply to my 'day job' of fiber and beads!  That's the whole point of a class, learn something new!

We have printouts and of course our samples so I put them all in a folder, which I sketched/colored...kinda hokey but at least I'll be able to find it!

Lesson 3 is on banners...we were suppose to find a word to color on our banner but I couldn't think of anything (go figure!) so I thought it was a good way to practice the alphabet...ok, part of it anyway!

Lesson 4 will be out today but I may not get to it until later this week.  Today I'm putting labels on some of my beaded pieces for our upcoming exhibit.  Our Inspired by the Masters quilts will be on exhibit at the Greater Flint Art Center the middle of Sept.  In addition to our Master quilts we'll each (there are six in our Aussome Study Group) have a place to hang additional work(s).  I have four of my beaded pieces framed and have a few more to add to the group...they are all 'flora and fauna' my backyard...ok, maybe someone else's backyard!


  1. I'm glad you are sharing your lettering.....I enjoyed it up to about the point that you are and then it got into some other types of lettering that I wasn't interested in. Nice could have made a banner for some cute little dog !! I'm drawing beets for my Pencil II was either that or radishes or a watermelon....Beets have a lot of leaves !!

  2. Classes are always a great way to learn and try out techniques. Your lettering is looking wonderful. September is almost here and your exhibit will be amazing. Creative Happy Hearts...

  3. Hey.....I'm pretty impressed......and I'm guessing like a lot of techniques we learn....the methods will sneak into your work when you least expect it.


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