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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Solar Fast Results

I finished playing with Solar Fast are my results and opinion...inquiring minds want to know, right!! of the advantages of using Solar Fast for sun printing is you can use negatives to print with...but first you have to have the right negative printed!  You do need contrast, which I didn't with this negative...I won't show the results, other than you might like the bright orange, solid print I got!

Oh, I also tried using a negative (the 2nd negative below) and SetaColor paint...just got a solid color!

Obvious I used circles for this print!

I used some paper leaves for this print...

One of the first things you notice with Solar Fast is the ammonia have to get over this....or go back to SetaColor if you want sun prints.

My 2nd negative - lots more contrast

Because my first negative print didn't turn out, I looked for a picture (black and white) that had lots of contrast.  I used this picture a few years ago to make a quilt for Ami's AAQI quilt initiative (you can see my finished piece here).   I think it has enough contrast so I did print out...oh, I printed this on Jacquard's Solar Fast film...haven't tried this method using regular inkjet transparency film...guess that's my next test!

Here are my results...would I purchase Solar Fast in the future?.....yes...that is if I wanted to print out a picture onto fabric via sun printing.  This is a cool feature of this product.  Also, although I haven't tried this, you can print onto paper, fabric and I believe can read more about using the product on Jacquard's web site.

Fabric painted  & negative covered with glass, sitting in the sun!

First result - hint: make sure to dab paper towel to remove excess dye!

2nd attempt...I did remember to dab dye...not a bad print actually.  you can see some veins even!

Gotta have a little shibori, right!

I like it!


  1. Omg LOVE that Shibori piece.....I would SOOOOO be doodling on this. Gorgeous!

  2. Another fun way to play with fabric! Shibori is lovely!

  3. mY, HAVE been busy with great results......tx's for sharing!!

  4. Too cool -- I want some of this stuff! Your results are great!


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