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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Goodbye to another friend....

It's always hard to say good-bye to our friends and it was difficult to say goodbye to another one of my friends today.
This is my 'old' horse buddy, Carol, who passed away earlier this week.  Carol was a great mom, grandma and friend.  She loved her kids and grand kids more than anyone.   And she was almost as much of  an animal lover as I am!
Carol and I met in the early 70's and became great pals.  Since we both had horses, kids and jobs it was only natural that we understood what each of us were going through at different times.  I have to say, Carol was always there to help me!  And to make me laugh or cry!  We did a lot of both while being buddies and I'm so thankful for the memories I have of her.

Death certainly makes me/us think, doesn't it.  Are we being the best mom, grandma or friend we can be?  Or are we just being selfish people more concerned about ourselves?  I try to think I'm being a better person at this stage of my life but am I really?  I have to say, Carol certainly did her best and always put her family and friends before herself!  She was always there any time I would call!  I mean anytime....I once had a foal born and the dam died 24 hours after foaling.  I was working at EDS at the time so who came to my rescue?  Yep, Carol...she worked nights at the GM plant in Lake Orion but would come over after work to make sure the foal was fed (via bottle) every 2-3 hours until I got home.  Then I'd take over with the 2-3 hour shift(s).  
Carol also got stuck holding a goat in the front cab of my truck!!  My vet recommended I get a goat to keep the foal company and to teach it to eat hay!   So off we went to buy a goat for the foal...I didn't think to bring the horse trailer so Carol held that goat the whole trip home!  We laughed so hard while that goat struggled on Carol's lap!  
I have many, many memories to make me smile and make me cry.  I only wish I could have had one more cup of coffee with her just to talk about our "good old days"....but we'll meet again sometime and we'll have lots to talk about.   Yep...that's what friends do........


  1. These are hard posts to read (as well as to write). There is never enough time, especially to spend with friends. There are a lot of things to think about at this time, and gratitude to have had a good friend.
    xx, Carol

  2. Lovely tribute to your friend. May your memories always be close to your heart. Blessings Dear...

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss....words are really not enough at this time. I'm sure this wonderful friendship went both ways.....

  4. So hard to lose a good friend, and your tribute to Carol illustrates what a good friend she was! The goat story is a classic.


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