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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deck Work

OK, so no art work to show (again!) but some deck work...after all, this blog is for me!  So, boring as this may seem, I have to document what I do in a week's time!  It's for me in  my later least I'll be able to look back to see what I did during my retirement years...or if memory totally fails me, look at what I'll think is someone else's life!
Yesterday was a work day..WAIT!  Didn't I say I was retired!  Oh well...Bob power washed the deck several weeks ago and was only able to paint the deck floor this past weekend (well, half of it).  So on Sunday, I did the inside rails (beige) and yesterday I did the outside rails and spindles (white).

We moved all the patio furniture to the opposite side so looking forward to finishing that off (NOT!).  Bob still has to paint the rest of this floor and the lower level.

This is what I worked on yesterday.  I had to get the ladder to paint the outside rails.  I was glad my neighbor was home, in case I fell off the ladder!

You can see better in this pic...the five spindles on the right were painted and the ones on the left are unpainted...ok, so you have to look close but you will see where they need or needed to be painted.

So after about 2 1/2 hours of painting, I hauled the ladder back up the hill but thought about my track lighting in the kitchen.  So I hauled the ladder in the kitchen and cleaned those off...who knew grease could reach so high!!!
As I was hauling up the ladder, I also noticed this!!
WEEDS!!!  I don't walk around the north side of the house very often!  Not doubt, right!  The weeds were poor neighbor has to look at this!!!  So after cleaning up my paint supplies I took Kalee and out we went to pull weeds!

Yes, I was pooped but a nice shower and lunch gave me another 'kick'...OK, not really, I actually sat down with a cup of coffee and watched WhoDunIT I had taped!!  Loved that show!!  And my DIL guessed who the killer was...but my fav person won the quarter of a million dollars!
Today the carpet installers are here as I type this post.  We love the new carpeting...although I forgot to take a picture of the carpet they installed (with flaws).  Now we just have to put everything back in place and hopefully settle in!  Obviously, I've given myself the day off...gotta love retirement!


  1. Despite the work and chaos, isn't it nice to have it all fresh and clean. I remember those years of cleaning and staining FOUR decks .... mostly getting rid of the green stuff due to our shady acreage....but the rewards were worth it.!! I really like the beige and white look.
    Maybe you need to return to goats for the weeds !! Sue

  2. Wow your deck is amazing. Your job of painting was even more difficult with the two colors to deal with in such tight quarters. You did a beautiful job and no paint spilled. I cannot imagine the neighbor having to "look" at THOSE "weeds". They would never like mine. You certainly have earned a rest dear...

  3. The deck looks great. I thought I'd get to ours this summer, but too much rain on my days off..yuck. Any way, my countdown to retirement is getting near the end. 11 working days left. I have a Honey Me Do list going and I can't wait to dig in...and to have the time to be creative once more.

    I thought I'd try one of those new deck paints they advertise as a paint and filler for older decks. Expensive but worth it if the results are like the commercials.
    xx, Carol


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