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Monday, March 26, 2012

What else am I forgetting!

Geezz...the past week or two have been a blur...without Internet for a few days; traveling to my sisters; enjoying dinner(s) out with friends; tooting around with Carol, I'm not getting ANY art work done. Well, I am beading on the loom from time to time but no more hand work on my Georgia piece. I did receive my group quilt package in the mail from Tommy so that will be consuming my time and effort as it's due to be in Tommy's hands by May 7th! Yep...May 7th! So between being a social butterfly and getting ready to head back to Michigan, my time will be consumed with working on my portion of this group quilt. Size is 9" x 35" (or close to that - I don't remember exactly and too lazy to get up and look. 

Last Friday, Carol and I took off to the Villages for a day of walking, shopping and of course lunch .  We ended up at a wonderful Italian Restaurant called Peroni's!  This was the view from our table!
You gotta love the Villages...lots of people, golf carts all over...just a great mix!  But back to our lunch!  We had a fantastic bruschetta and split a crispy chicken salad.

You have to admit this looks great and I can't tell you how good it was.  Bob and I almost went there today...but he said he didn't think I'd want to go back since I was just there!!  Do you think he doesn't know me!  DUH!
So on the way home we went past a store I've been wanting to go in to purchase some Wood Icing (another story on this item!).  The shipping is outrageous so I thought I'd pick up a container while in Ocala...I just happened upon Decorative Designs web site and low and behold they are right around the corner from us!!  So in we stopped, I picked up my Wood Icing and some other items.  I was quite interested in this rug they called a Jellybean rug.  I couldn't decide which pattern I liked and because I'm going back next Thursday for their "make it - take it day" I thought I could think more on it.  These rugs are so cool  and are made of recycled post consumer PET plastic.  The owner of the store said the more you wash it the softer it gets...just like a pair of jeans!
As we were getting into the car, Carol handed me a package and said "thanks for the use of my sewing machine".  Carol made another baby quillow this year so she wanted to thank me!  How nice was that!!!  And I got my horse rug!
Yes, I miss my horses but guess not the work...although, you don't really think of it as work...just like raising kids or puppies, right!  So THANK YOU, Carol again for my rug!!!  Something to look forward to when we get home to place my rug in just the right spot!! 
Well, I hope to have some art work to post about soon!  Won't be able to show my group piece but hopefully I will get to finish my loom piece or Georgia.  If not, I'm sure there will be more food pics since we'll be eating out lots the next three weeks!

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  1. The dinner in The Villages looks great- like something out of a food magazine. I've seen the sign for the painting place, but have not stopped in. What a nice gift the rug is! Will have to see what they've got sometime. I think it was a lighting store before.


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