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Friday, March 9, 2012

Technology at its best!

I love gadgets so, it's no surprise that I love my Ipod! I use it daily for so many different things - listening to books, looking up recipes, playing music, playing Words with/ get the picture! Today I'm posting about two 'technology' items! But wait! One of them does include fiber...sorta!
I'm a dedicated follower of Jill, from The Quilt Rat blog, and yesterday this talented artist impressed me again, but this time with being techy! Check out her post from yesterday on creating her own QR code for a label on her quilts! Which by the way are OUTSTANDING!!

Her QR code is in pic above and I used the Quick Scan App on my IPOD, which shows Jill's blog.

Then you click and here's her posts! How cool is that!!!

The next app I just love, love, love is Fitness Pal! This is the coolest (& free!) food diary and calorie counter I've seen or used. I have had others on my Ipod but deleted them. They were just too hard to use but this App is amazing!!! Today I found another feature where it will scan a barcode on a product so I thought I'd give it a try!
I scanned in the barcode on a package of butternut squash pasta, and check it out!

So now I can adjust the number of pieces I had for dinner and just add to my 'diary' for the day. The pic on the right is from my entry from Wed. The best part of this app is it lists the total % of calcium, carbs, sugars, etc. you've incurred during the day. I'm always interested in the amount of calcium I don't seem to get enough of so this part of the diary is great!! And did I mention it's FREE!!!
They have over a million or so products on their site but it's quick to scan in something from the frig or cupboard.
So that's my technology update for today!!! Gotta love 'em! It honestly doesn't take much to amuse me!


  1. Well I just did a search and apparently I am late to the party. I am not the only one who has thought to do this lol.

    I don't have a smart phone, this tablet and the whole android thing is all new to me. Being able to combine the tech stuff with quilt stuff.....well it is just plain fun!!!

    I am loving that many are "testing" the code and finding that it is indeed working. :-)

    Thanks for the great post

  2. Well now this is just fun stuff! I, too, am easily entertained by stuff like this. Impressed actually. Been having computer troubles yet again, so am now playing catch up.

  3. So Robbie....techy gal....have you figured out how to post on blogger from your ipad? I can't figure out how to add a photo.....the add an image isn't highlighted....grrr!

  4. Love your post Robbie - what I wouldn't give to have you on my team at work again! We are dealing with all this new technology and social networking and all things you would be so great at! You know you can do a screen shot on your iPOD by holding down the home button then pushing the on/off switch on the top? That will save the screen shot to your camera roll and from there you could email it, add it to your blog, or whatever.... or hey - maybe just take a picture of the iPOD with screen you want to share - HA! So many ways to do the same thing! I love all the ways you bring things together. Thanks for sharing!


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