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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Half Way Point(s)!

Yep...lots of half ways going on in my life. First is we are half way through our winter 'vacation'. We'll be leaving mid April to head back to Michigan. January seems the longest month then the time in Florida flies for us. It's been another great year and I certainly appreciate being here. Miss family and friends but not the weather...although, I was just informed by my son that he was taking off for a Trip to Israel yesterday! He didn't want me to know before hand as he knew I would worry! Go figure! He was right! It's a work related trip but there are several tourist days for sight seeing. They are in a group so I'm sure he'll have safe travels and get lots of pics! butterfly is half way done...BUT...I always work my beading in a hoop...but...and here's the big BUT...this time I didn't. I'm not sure why I didn't use the hoop and now I also know why I always have and should use a hoop. My background fabric has distorted a lot. More than I can fix with blocking, steaming or stretching the heck out of it! So, I'm going to have to cut away my wings, re quilt a background piece, repaint leaves and flower then attach my wings, add the body then I can be finished! So maybe I'm not even half way done with this piece! DUH!

I am half way finished with Georgia on my Mind. I've stitched inside each of the leaded glass areas. Now to add some hand or machine stitching (hand is what I'd like to do) then bind the piece and I'll be finished.
I did have a minor setback yesterday when I started this post. On Saturday I didn't feel so hot and had some swelling around and under my eye. More than normal! By Sunday a.m. the swelling was down into my cheek and I felt crappy! So after Bob left for golf I headed off the the Quick Care office. Ended up I had a temp of 100 (who knew!) and was given a diagnosis of URI/sinusitis/ear infection. I left the UC and headed off to pharmacy (which is another long story - had to go to two places!) then back home to start 3 different meds. I'm feeling better today but still not 100%...but then do we ever feel 100%.
I did take Kalee on a walk this a.m. I felt bad as she had to be like a grown up dog and just sleep yesterday...yea, well that didn't work out so well. I think I was up and down letting her outside in the afternoon more than I laid in bed! So off to quilt and paint a background piece!! Have to do something productive today!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your little set back......I ALWAYS, ALWAYS bead in a hoop (actually I use a Q-snap frame). This will only happen to you once so that's the good news.

    Speaking from experience....take care if you find you need to resort to steam to solve the distortion issue.....TEST your beads first.....the dye of some beads can run and color will transfer to your fabric....and/or dissolve and you'll end up with naked beads!

    Good luck!

  2. Oh feel better soon. Sinus infections are the worst! I had one once and couldn't open my left eye for days. Horrible!

    get better and get beading!

  3. Your work is progressing nicely ... the quilting inside each piece takes quite awhile. Do hope you feel better quickly! My internet has been out of service for several days, so will need to look back and see what all I've missed!

  4. Very safe travels to your son.
    Your butterfly is so beautiful I am sorry you had such a mishap. Thankfully you can save it with creative effort. Joyful stitching...


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