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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Geezz...I'm working with the new Blogger Interface and hmmmmmm....hopefully, I'll get the pics where I want them!   First off, my Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly (actual name!) is finished!  Well, I do have to mount this piece and the other pieces on canvas but they are finished!  Yippee!  Although, I'm anxious to start another one...just not sure if I'll do a bird or butterfly next!
So today as I was putting away my beads and floss for this piece, I thought, heck, I might as well put away my sewing machine.  I won't be doing any machine stitching the next four weeks as I'm working on my beaded loom piece and my stained glass piece, which is all hand stitching.  So...I packed away my sewing machine and started on packing up other art supplies I won't be needing.
And  look how clean my table is now!  Well, other than my quilt and some yarns, hoops, beads, scissors...all the stuff I will be needing!!  Actually, I have this packing up for Florida and the return trip pretty much down pat.  At least my art supplies are 75% packed up so that just leaves me more play time to toot around with friends!  Speaking of which, yesterday, Susan, Verna and I took off for Gainesville to hit the yarn shop, have a great lunch, then to JoAnn Fabrics.  I wasn't so good at "helping the economy"...I only bought two packs of sewing machine needles and some pens for zentangle work.  
So now Kalee and I are off to the lanai to do some beading on the loom!  I'm finishing up laundry and just taking the rest of the afternoon off.  It's another beautiful day and we suppose to hit temps in the 80's (again!).  Just about the same weather every day this week...although, kids said temp is warm back home...just a little cloudy and rain at times.  But no snow!!  NOTE:  I'm kinda liking this new blogger interface!   Who knew!


  1. WOW- this is just beautiful! And how organized are you? Getting all packed up, knowing what you need. I guess the years of experience of transporting "stuff" help.

  2. Looks I can breath now?....I kinda was holding my breath when I saw you cut those wings....YIKES! But it turned out fabulous! You are a brave gal. :-)

  3. Your beaded butterfly with a name bigger than life is stunning. How fun your supplies are. Nice that you have your packing back and forth down pat. Relaxing on the lannai sounds divine.


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