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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Together again

Yep...the wings are together again! I still have to bead the body and then add a small beaded stem but it's coming along. I worked on the piece yesterday after a quick dying session. I didn't feel like 'browsing' through my bead box for the body so I took my embroidery thread box and needle out to the lanai and starting some hand stitching. Birds were singing, sun was shining and Kalee was lounging in the rocking chair! Perfect afternoon to sit and stitch.

I've had a heck of a time trying to get the purple flower to be what I wanted but this is close enough. It's just a piece for myself and not for a show so it can be what it is. As long as I'm happy, right!

Here are some of my dyed pieces from my small dye session yesterday.

I was actually trying to dye some maroon fabric to make something for my sister. Actually the piece on the left (gold/pinkish piece) is the Radiance fabric I purchased at the marketplace last month. It did dye up beautifully but not the color I wanted. Not sure if I'll over dye it or just leave as is.
I just looked at the pics and layout of this post and appears to be a little mixed up...but that's OK. It's 'documented' enough for when I reference back to what I did!
My friend, Peggy, and I are going to an estate sale here in the community later this afternoon. It's fun going to sales and this one has lots of cut glass and other unique items. Bob has already warned me that our car is full enough and to be careful on what I buy! But who can resist going to an estate sale when you can walk to the house!! Let's just hope I don't have to walk back home to pick up the car to go back!!

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  1. Ah, beautiful! I love the butterfly in 3-D. Really makes the piece pop.
    The dyed fabrics are gorgeous~~I sort of miss dunking in the dye baths. Have to wait for warm weather as DH doesn't appreciate a multi-colored garage floor! (yes, I have done that before...)
    Enjoy your lovely sun!



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