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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Too busy for pincurls!

Well, I'm not really sure what the title of my post means either...but our Aunt who raised my sister and I would say this all the has something to do with just being so darn busy!  But I love being busy!!!  The visit with my sister was wonderful!  For some reason, I'm not good at taking lots of pics of people while I'm there but very good at taking pics of the dogs!  You'll have to check out Kalee's blog for those pictures.  I did get a picture of my great niece and nephews!  But I forgot to include their mom, Dianna Lynn, in the picture!!!  They drove three hours to come up and see MaryAnn and I for the day!  They've lived in south Florida for quite sometime and Lynn home schools all the children.  Each one (there are actually five kids!) have always taken college courses while in high school and continue on to college getting their associate and bachelor degrees way before most!  These kids are amazing and the credit has to go to Lynn and her hubby!  Guess my sister did a good job as well in raising her own six kids!
 Of course, Kalee had to get in the act and play with the kids!
And there's another quilter in the family!  Priscilla who is in 6th grade has made several quilts already!  This is for her nephew who is due in August!  I think she did a great job!  And she also free motion quilted letters of the alphabet on the quilt!  I told Priscilla I would send a box of fabric, threads, etc. to her when we get back to Michigan.  Looks like I'll be splitting up my stash between my grand daughter and my great niece! 
So the visit to my sis was great...I returned on Thursday afternoon in time to unpack then get ready for a night out with friends!  Friday, Carol and I took off to the Villages for a wonderful day of walking around and having a fantastic lunch!  More pics will be posted tomorrow.  Today, I'm cleaning and doing laundry so I can play tomorrow! 
So thanks again, Sis and Lynn for a wonderful visit!!! 


  1. Its good that you had a nice visit with your family. Its so wonderful to read someone else post about how great their nieces and nephews have been raised.

    My grandmother used to say "I'm all bulged up" when she got confused. Its one of those things I say too. Stuff like that keeps the memories close in your thoughts, don't you think.

    Have a great play day.

  2. What a fun saying. Family is the very best and your smiles show the bond you share. Great quilt and she is so young to be so good at it.


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