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Monday, March 12, 2018

Finishing up projects!

Yep, I am finishing up some projects...just so I can start new ones and finish up one more project that is 'hanging over my head'!

First off, the scarf from H_LL is finished.  Actually, it turned out pretty nice.  No it doesn't look good with a black and white shirt!  But it does look good with a white blouse!  Hate having my pic taken...ugh...

This looks kinda wrinkly because I had just blocked it.  The yarn is a light weight linen and isn't soft to the touch.  But I think once it is worn a few times, it will soften up.

I just don't like knitting with a fingering type yarn. Too easy to get dropped stitches...don't ask why...just what happens to me!  And the yarn is so easy to end up knitting into strands of yarn that aren't stitches!  Guess I need to pay more attention when knitting with this yarn.

I can't show the other finished project, because it is for the online group, Art Quilts Around the World blog challenge.  But here's a sneak peek!  I know...what the heck is it!  The theme is "Film Noir"...that's all I can say!  HA  Reveal date is March 31st!

I did miss out on margaritas this week!  I was sick with some type of stomach flu or whatever so I didn't make dinner out with the gang on Thursday.  They all (Bob did go) ate at Las Margaritas Mexican restaurant and Bob said the food was great.  As were the margarita's, salsa and chips! Dang!  I've been wanting to go here for the past two years!  Guess Bob will just have to take me!  HA  Actually, when he came home he said he would take me as he knows I would have enjoyed it.

I am back to normal (OK, normal is relative isn't it!) and ready to eat out this week.  I am making dinner for friends on Tuesday using my instant pot!  And we'll also have dessert, chocolate lava cake, which will also be made in the instant pot!

I have to show a picture that my friend, Jan, posted on FaceBook this week.

Back in 2015, the four of us headed to Rural King.  For those who don't know, Rural King is like a TSC (Tractor Supply Co.).  Larry and Jan thought it would be fun for us to walk through the store.  It was an interesting store and someone found this camouflage guess who got to hold it up to see what it would look like!  Yep..ME!  What can I say.....who would buy a camouflage bikini!  Someone I guess...just not this gal..heck, I don't even own a bathing suit!  HA


  1. Sorry to hear you missed your night out…..I’m anxious to see your challenge piece….I can’t even imagine what you’ve come up with after looking at your sneak preview but I know it will be spectacular!

  2. You could definitely rock that camo!! :-D

  3. Glad you are feeling better. No fun to be sick, and no fun to miss out on the outing. I like your knit project- but I can see that some yarns are more finicky than others. I'd prefer a "mindless" one where you don't have to be on guard to not split it or drop stitches. The feminine touch of the pink bow on the bikini is the perfect embellishment! I like Rural King- lots of good pet stuff.

  4. Love the scarf! It ALMOST makes me want to take up knitting. LOL! I SURE don’t need another “hobby” where I could accumulate UFOs!

  5. Scarf Finished is huge for all the work you put into it. Linen yarn looks like it wrinkles just as much as Linen fabric...Expensive Wrinkles! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Camouflage Bikini??? Too funny and definitely NOT for me. I own a swimsuit but hate to wear it...however it is better than nothing worn! HaHaHa...<3

  6. Your scarf turned out well and you look so cute modeling it. Sorry to hear you were unwell but glad you are better now.