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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Alcohol Inks Play Day Part 1

Not a lot of words on this post but a lot of pics!  But first...check out the message inside the Dove wrapper I had last night!  How perfect for today's post!

 I had a fun day on Monday with some of my Florida buds playing with alcohol inks on fabric!!!  Sure is a different technique, which I don't think I have the hang of yet but I'll keep trying!

Nancy played with some inks and alcohol on freezer paper!  Pretty cool!

This was Beth's piece - inks on Yupo paper

Yes, we did use inks on fabric too!
Kay was giving me some good suggestions for using the inks/alcohol on fabric!  This is a quilted piece that I sprayed on alcohol ink. 

This was Beth's fabric which was under some freezer paper she was playing with!  Love this piece!

This is Nancy's piece that she added more alcohol to!  

Beth's piece using  a stencil and spraying with alcohol inks and alcohol

Another one of Beth's fabrics that were sprayed with inks...some areas had alcohol sprayed direct on fabric and others sprayed with alcohol on top.  my favorite area is the upper left!  

I haven't taken pictures of my pieces yet...will do that tomorrow and post the next day.  I really enjoyed the process but also realize that I need to get better with the spraying.  I don't like the dribbles that occur from time to time.  Or I just need to ignore that!


  1. Wow… all got some really good results…..esp. on fabric which we found didn’t yield many useable pieces. When using freezer paper….what side did she use? The shiny??

  2. I love playing with the inks.
    Gives immediate gratification.

  3. I love the red caterpillar in Kay's pic!

  4. Well wasn't it a good idea for you to eat chocolate and know what fun learning you would experience?!! Lots of lovely papers and fabrics created with alcohol and inks. Looking forward to seeing your pieces.

  5. Loved the samples...I didn't have near the great results your group had. I especially loved Nancy's which is very "spotty"...Was that done on fabric?

  6. What fun! I've never tried alcohol inks on fabric - only on glass, metal and polymer clay. What lovely clear jewel-like colors everybody got! Any idea how the color holds up after washing?