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Friday, September 2, 2016

Remembering the many faces of Mandy!

November 3, 1999 -September 2, 2011

Some of Her Friends

Ben, Cody and Mandy keeping watch!

Betsy and Mandy checking out the backyard!

Cody was Mandy's special buddy!   He still lives next door to us!

Gracie and Mandy spending quality time in Florida sunbathing in the shade!

Mandy was even friends with Flat Stanley!

Some of Mandy's jobs!


Being a Therapy Dog (TDI)

Her first achievement as a therapy dog

Mandy would listen so well to the kids reading!

Getting dressed up! (not her favorite thing)

Mandy was even a Diva when she had her ACL repaired and had to wear 'the cone"!

You will always be in my heart!


  1. Such a sweet girl! The reading photos remind me- did you happen to see the local stories about the reading program at the Marion Humane Assn? They had children come and read to the dogs! It was a "non-judgmental" audience for kids to practice their reading, and the dogs loved the attention. They plan to continue it on a couple of Saturdays now that school has started.

  2. so never forget your special fur babies....and they are all special!

  3. How wonderful to remember Mandy in this way.She looks so full of playfulness and personality Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.:-) Warm regards from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  4. Wonderful memories and photos of your beloved Mandy. She was very special.