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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Natural Dyeing

Here are the results of my 'testing' some dying with wood.

First up is  the Bolivian Rose wood....

And the mordant results....the A=alum; A=Soda ash and the blank is just that!  No pre soaking...
They are actually a little more 'beige' than in the picture and I really don't see any difference using a mordant!  Hmmmmmm

Next is the Orange least that's all it says on the container!

And results...these are really a pretty shade of yellow...very bright and again...not much difference!

This next piece is from Brazil Wood and it's so very delicate and very pretty!  It's a pale, almost pink shade.  I've used this wood before and created a table top for the couple who gave me the wood.  It's dyed on cotton sateen so has a nice sheen to it as well!

And "waste not, want not" grandma always I mixed the orange and Rose wood together and poured into my container which is holding my eco flower/leaf print.

Of course, since I've had this piece sitting outside for some 'solar' heat we've had rain and cooler weather!  Go figure!  It's been in the high 80's to 90's for the past two weeks...but as soon as I decided to work with leaves/flowers wouldn't you know the weather would change!  I'm having a hard time not opening up the package!  But I'll be patient and wait for another day!  Maybe!!!!


  1. Wow…..I had no idea wood could be used for eco dyeing……thanks for the great info!

  2. Wood results are very nice! Hoping your Eco-roll has some clear images, too.

  3. These are beautiful. I've never heard of dying with wood before.