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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Grandma Time again!

The kids and I had a fun time this week!  Well, grandma did.....I think they did too!!!  First off we headed to Urban Air Trampoline park in Oxford.  Talk about exercise!  No, I didn't partake!  I just took pictures!!

I have to admit the facility is very clean, lots of different venues for the kids (dodge ball, foam pit, slam dunk, etc.).  I can see if you brought a 'buddy' with you vs your brother or sister, you could keep occupied for several hours.  The kids did good and we were there for over an hour.  They battled each other and worked together at dodge ball.  There was a tiny little thing that was REALLY aggressive!  She kept wanting Amber and Nick to play!  Talk about wicked!  WOW!

Anyway, after kids worked up a sweat (and you will work up a sweat!) we headed to lunch.  Then to set up an area in front of the kids house for Amber to practise parallel parking!  She's working up to taking her drivers test and needs the practise.  Who better to give her advice than her grandma!  I mean, I used to drive a horse trailer and backed that puppy in lots of places!  HA

Amber did great!  We had tons of fun doing this and plan on next week heading to the elementary school to practice other parking.
Having issues updating Amber's video!  UGH!!!
This one works!!  YEA!!!!

After that little event, we headed inside to play some games....we started off with Uno Spin...which is always fun!   Then our next favorite game is Monopoly Card game.  If you like Monopoly but don't like how long that board game can go on and on....go and buy this card game!  It is FAST and FUN!  I've even bought this game for gifts.  They sell it at WalMart and online (of course!).

My winning hand!  The only one!!

I honestly lost track of who won which games!  I only know with all the games we played I only won once!!   Seems to me Amber won at Uno Spin .....I always lose at that game!
And Nick was laughing quite a bit which means he wasn't losing at Monopoly!  In the end, I was laughing so hard my mascara was running down my face!  Just another memory and fun time with the kids!

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