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Monday, August 10, 2015

Keeping busy!

Yes, I try to keep busy...although, lately the dogs are keeping more busy than my normal life!  Poor Kalee had another pancreatitis attack this weekend so off to the vet today.  She's doing fine now but we just are not sure what set this one off!  I did change from her canned ID food to ID, we will go back to the canned food.  Poor baby!  Hate when they get sick.
I finally removed all the hex papers and attached my horse onto the hex background over the weekend.  I machine stitched around quite a few of the hex's to keep the piece stable because I'm now hand stitching circles...guess I'm on a circle kick right now!  I played with other designs but like the least so far but you know how much I love to who knows!

And I also stamped some more fabric to use in the binding.  I think by using different colors strips for the binding will pull in the horse color.

I plan on hand stitching the horse in the same patterns as my original hex horse background.

That's my intent!  Monday was our fiber group meeting which is always fun.  I forgot to ask my friend if I can post a pic of her artwork.  I'll have to send a note and post if she says it's OK.  It's always fun to get together monthly to see what all we've worked on or what we haven't worked on!  Either way it's a great time for chatting and talking art work!


  1. Poor Kalee! Hope you can get ahead of this with diet. Your prints are just lovely, and the project looks good.

  2. I sure hope Kaylee recoups quickly. I hate it when one of the dogs is sick. They just don't know why they feel bad and all you can do is reassure them. LOVE the hex horse and your prints.
    xx, Carol