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Monday, April 7, 2014

Making progress!

Today I finished up a small project (post to follow later) and then started on squaring up the T-shirt panels.

I used the kitchen table again to square up each panel, which worked well.

This is going to be my label.  I'm having MJ (Ian's mom) sign the quilt since she saved all his T-shirts!).  This was on a small t-shirt MJ saved....I had to use it!  Isn't it adorable!!

I had to move some furniture so I could lay the panels out...then I marked each so I could start working on the 'shashing' strip.  Yes, that's Kalee enjoying the quilt.  I'm not washing it before I give to Ian.  I'll let him do that after he receives it...figure folks will be looking at it.  The more he washes it the softer it will get.  Let's hope he does that!!

I have two panels stitched together!  Woo Hoo!!!  I'm using the GAYG method by Mariranne at The Quilting Edge...I love her method and have used it several times now!

I was hoping it would work with the T-shirt quilt....only because it's so heavy and hard to quilt the entire quilt!  Quilting each panel worked great and using Marianne's method for joining the blocks with a 'narrow strip' worked!  Thanks so much Marianne!!!

Here's the strip I added and will continue to add to join all six panels!

Whew!  I just might make my May 23rd target date!
Tomorrow I'm headed off to have an afternoon with Kay Sorensen over at Quilts + Color.  Kay and I met when I did a trunk show a few years ago for her art quilt guild.  We didn't realize at the time we knew each other, as we were following each others blogs!  Go figure, right!
Anyway, it's always fun being with Kay and I'm sure tomorrow will be no different.  We're meeting for lunch then off to the Art Quilt meeting.  Can't wait!

 It's really summer here in Florida and not spring!  Temps have been in the 80's for the past week!  But that's the snow and the air conditioner works great!


Createology said...

This T-shirt quilt is amazing. What a perfect label you are including. Love the sashing and backing fabric too. I know you will thoroughly enjoy your day with Kay. Creative Bliss...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

the quilt is cool and the label is so cute. Perfection.

Nancy said...

There is so much to look at and this will truly be a treasured quilt I'm sure. Well done! I'm off to quilt retreat for a few days. The entire sewing room is packed for travel it feels like.