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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just not enough to do!

OK, really!  Like I don't have enough to do...well, a gal has to do what a gal has to do...and so I signed up for a Watercolor (yes, WATERCOLOR) lettering class.  The online class is by Val Webb and you can read about it on the link here.  I was introduced to Val by my blog buddy, Susan.  Susan is quite the traveler and artist/photographer...a very multi talented lady who I met up with last year in Florida.  Anyway, Susan did take Val's lettering class awhile back.  I wanted to  take her class  last spring but due to traveling back home and packing up from Florida, it just wasn't possible.  I took one calligraphy class years and years ago but never became proficient at it, mainly due to having only one class session!  Wasn't the best class.  Val's class is drawn and decorating letters....not people!!  So I don't have to worry about not being able to draw.

So, here's my first lesson finished.  We're learning how to space letters and make them funky...that's my term, not Val's!  I've never worked with watercolor paints before...sure is different from acrylics and fabric paints but really was easy to work with.  Kinda like them!!  I won't get into 'painting/drawing figures' with watercolors but I do want to learn to do lettering.  I have several ideas for incorporating letters in my art quilts and fiber this is the perfect class.

We have another practice piece we can work on if we want, which I would like to do.  Not sure I'll get to it before Thursday or Friday.   But stay tuned!  You never know!

Today we're having new carpeting installed in the living room!  Yikes!  Had to move all the furniture and equipment for the TV out of the room last night.  The carpet installers are here now tearing out the old carpeting.  Feel like we're looking at the house when we had it built!  Sure brings back memories!!!  Now I just hope we like the carpet they install!!!  Scary!  I'm almost afraid to look when they bring in the new carpet!!!!!!


  1. You'll roll thru this class with no problem.....see how well you've done on the first project....nice even letters. I still don't do well with W/C but would love to do a good class. Val is great and makes it all doable. Thanks for the flattering words but you are the creative and talented one.....I just dabble !!

  2. Fun class, and a new skill. Your practice pieces turned out nicely. Oh, the thought of removing all that furniture! We're contemplating a flooring change in the bedroom and I shudder thinking of the closet floors and what this will mean in terms of removing and storing stuff. It is scary.. hope you love the new carpet.

  3. Your letters already look fabulous. I like watercolors very much yet am not able to function with them. I keep trying. New carpeting...yikes! Mr. C wants new carpet but I don't want to deal with it. We really just need new under pad. I hope you love it dear. Happy Watercoloring...