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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

They're back!

My late blooming  Amaryllis!   

We were a tad  later getting back from Florida this spring and with my 'spring cleaning' I forgot to plant my amaryllis plants.  This time last year both plants had two or more blossoms on them.  This is the first to bloom!  Isn't it beautiful!  I was afraid they might not come back but they did, although this plant has a really, really short stalk on it.  Interesting. The other plant, which is a beautiful deep orange is just getting its first bud and has about a 6-8" stalk. 
This is the same plant above last year!  I think I may have to fertilize my plants!  The color this year is pale compared to last year.  I'm afraid I didn't even think about fertilizing!!
Even with the pale color, I love my Amaryllis I'm anxious to see what color the other plant will have this year! 
I started the finishing touches on my other 'tree' piece.  I cut holes in three areas (you can see the wood table showing through the holes).
Then I attached one of the circle pieces to the lower cut out circle so some of the open space still shows through.  I'm now looking through my stash for some painted fusible web to place behind the other cut out areas.  It might work or might not.  I also started some FMQ on the edges but I don't like it so...perfect day to sit out on the deck and 'unsew' as they say!!

Kalee and I did some weeding and cutting back on plants this a.m., cleaned out the frig and now I get to go play in my art room!!  Beautiful day air open!  My kind of weather!!


  1. Hi Robbie: I have been remiss and did not see your blog for a while. Your amaryllis are beautiful. What lovely quilts you are working on too. Happy creating...

  2. The blossoms are stunning. And the tree quilt is another fascinating one. I love the curves in the branching. Kalee the garden assistant ... she says you refer to it as weeding, but she knows it better as digging holes.