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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A productive weekend!

So before I get into the weekend and my outings and have to check out these two recipes.  I was killing time before I had to leave on Sat. to meet up with the kids so I watched FoodNetwork.  Trisha Yearwood was grilling chicken, which wasn't that exciting but when it came to dessert I was all ears and eyes!  I made this cake yesterday when I got home and it's delicious!!!  It's called Key Lime Cake and yum, yum, yum!!!  The next recipe was from the Barefoot Contessa called Cornmeal Fried Onion Rings.  I made these tonight along with steak (yes, I ate beef!).  Maybe I need to watch more TV!

Or not...then I wouldn't get as much done, right!  So I met up with Dawn, Kris and grand kids for lunch, then off we went to the open studio at Pine Lake Glassworks in Oxford.  Actually, the studio is just a mile or two from the kids houses!  David Hilty is the owner and glass maker extraordinaire!  His work is amazing as is the work of his apprentice,Stan Kuznicki (Christina Sirakos wasn't able to make the open studio).  The following pics are of David creating a vase.  The colors were amazing as was the design itself.  

This Amber being shown one of the furnaces they have the clear glass in.  This is what they layer on top of the colored glass. 
I'm sure my daughter has some better photos as she's also the photographer in the family, besides being an art quilter herself!
More of their work from the studio.  You have to go to Pine Lakes Glassworks web site to see the beautiful vases, oil bottles, etc. they make!  They are stunning and beautiful, as well as unique!
Two years ago I got each of the girls something from their studio for Christmas gifts.  In the fall, they're going to have a 'blow your own ornament' that I'm going to take the grand kids to.  Won't that be cool!

Here is one of the items I worked on this's a tease...can you figure out what it is???
More on this and some other projects I started tomorrow!!

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