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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finished Stenciled Discharge

Here's my finished stenciled discharge piece based on Linda Kemshall's video from a few weeks ago.  I just wish my photography abilities were better!  I know this piece is straight and even but it really looks cockeyed here! 
Anyway, you'll get the 'jest' of the piece.  It was black fabric that i discharged with robin egg blue DeColorant as well as using my Clorox gel bleach pen! 
I happened to have a batik piece of fabric that matched the Clorox discharge areas so I used that to create the circle/square pieces and the binding.  It's hard to see but I did bead around the center circle to adhere it down onto the background.

The piece was finished off with some hand stitching and free motion quilting.  I tried to keep with the theme of circles and squares in the FMQ.  I mentioned in my last post about this piece how much I really like the Lana thread by Madeira.  It's so nice to stitch with and I like the effect.  I used to be a Perle cotton gal but I think I'm now a Madeira gal!
Just a detail shot above.  I also started a patchwork background based on another video Linda did.  AND I've cut holes in my other tree piece I showed a few weeks ago!!!  What fun!!!  I finished the outline qulting on that piece and now just need to decide how to finish off the 'holes' in the piece!  I'm still beading a bracelet for my Florida friend on the loom as well.  Just doing what I can, when I can! 


  1. This is an amazing piece. It comes across as eerie and I LOVE that. You really know how to manipulate fabric as well as thread art.
    xx, Carol

  2. This is just so interesting to look at.. so many fascinating elements. Lovely.

  3. This is way cool -- I love the way the colors interact!