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Sunday, March 18, 2012


We were without Internet service for several days so I am WAY behind in posting.  I know I've uploaded pictures to my laptop from my canera but I have to look at what I haven't posted about yet!
I did finish my beaded loom bracelet and put a toggle clasp on it. picture!  Hmmmmmm  But here is my Georgia on my Mind piece.  Hard to see but I'm adding some stab hand stitching.  This is such a relaxing technique!  I love hand work so this is perfect for sitting out in the lanai or front porch and just sewing!  We've had weather in the 80's for almost two weeks but always a breeze so unless you are standing out in the sun (golfing!) it doesn't feel that bad!  Between birds singing and sun shining, you can't help but feel SO good! 
Although, I think our family and friends are feeling about the same way.  It's always scary with the wonderful winter folks have had.  Are we waiting for the snow yet!  Don't will be there when we head home...always we just expect it.
So until another day...I'll try to get my act together to post some pics of work I've doing/done and events we've attended!  If I can remember which is which!


  1. Being without Internet... I can relate! It's surprising how reliant we are and how "out of the loop" it feels to be without. Glad you are up and running once again. The weather has been spectacular!

  2. Beautiful Spring colors. Bright and cheery.