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Sunday, January 1, 2012

I really did make something!

This is our lovely Kayla and her T-shirt quilt I made her for Christmas! See I really was working on something. It was fun picking out the T-shirts and I hope included some of her favorites. I quilted it all in feathers but it's hard to see in the pic. Isn't Kayla so pretty! She's working hard on her studies in sports medicine and I know she'll do just great!

No one will believe this but there was a DEER in the back neighbors yard! I just ran to get the camera but he ran across the road. There are woods that surround our community but who knew I'd see a deer! I just hope he doesn't jump out in front of one of these 'senior' drivers!
Kalee and I went for our walk already. I'm trying to get at least two in a day with her along with the dog park and her golf cart rides! We sure miss having our Mandy girl here with us. Good thing Kalee keeps me busy as it helps me in missing Mandy.
Today we're headed off to friends for huge gathering and brunch. Marilyn and John have hosted this event for the past several years and it's always a fun the food is always great. I'm making my stickie buns which are so good and pretty easy to make. Temps are suppose to get up to 78 today but dropping to 60's the rest of the week. No problem for me! My kind of weather and the sun is always shining so Bob can still golf. Which is a good thing!


  1. Yes, Kayla is a pretty girl. And she looks very happy with her quilt. It's a great memento and I'm sure she'll treasure it. Maybe we can get together in the coming week or next to talk about the quilt program. I'll e-mail you my phone number.. you can text or call. I'm often down in your area at the Publix, so we can meet up easily.

  2. Kayla is Very Pretty and I think she loves her quilt.

    I have been sorting t-shirts to make one for my youngest grandson. I have heard some say to stablize the squares and others say not do. What did you do?

    A deer in FL. I'm naive, but I didn't know they lived there. I would expect a allagator ~lol~

  3. Love your quilt! I've saved all my tshirts and keepsakes clothes since I was born wit the hopes of someday making a quilt.

    We used to get deer in our yard in michigan growing up. It is fun to see them like that :)

    Happy New year!!!

  4. I'm very interested in your process of painting and then the beading. Maybe you could give a tutorial at our favorite local restaurant one of these that you are residing in the 'land of the sun'.