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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pizza anyone?

Now you have to admit this looks good doesn't it!! This was my 2nd pizza I made last night while attending the 'Pizza, Pizza' class at my favorite store in Ocala, The Artisinal Dish! We/I had a ball and learned so much from Chef Greg!! This is my 2nd class and most likely my last for this winter but I'll be back for sure next year to take some more classes! Chef Greg showed us how to make a red sauce you can use on pizza or pasta. It was delicious! In fact, so good, I'm making some for our dinner on Sat. We also got to taste two different pizza dough's that Chef Greg had made up ahead of time. He did show us how to mix up each batch and of course we each got the recipes! You don't realize all the great tips and techniques you learn at one of these classes. Ocala is lucky to have Chef Greg along with Mary and the other "Dish" ladies! If you haven't had a chance to stop by and check out their deli or their list of classes, you are missing out! And did I mention that Mary makes the best cookies! Guess it's good that I'm only here 4 months out of the year! I'd be a bigger 'blimp' than I am already!

Here's Chef Greg mixing up some dough!
Here we are all lined up to roll out the dough for our 1st pizza!
Check out all the toppings we had to choose from and then our pizza's went into the brick oven! YUM!!!
You can see the oven behind Chef Greg (in the hat) on the left. Everyone had a great time and it was so interesting to see how each person created their pizza...some messy (me!), some very perfect with placement of the toppings and some just down right artistic.
And the end result! We were trading pizzas we each made at our table, which was fun to try different toppings! Just a great evening..oh, and we also had three different wines to taste! I forgot to write down the names of all the red wines we had, so I have to go back and do that. They were all red wine (of course!) and I do want to purchase a bottle of one of the Chianti wines. Really good! Nice way to try out some wine...and there is another wine tasting next Wed. at The Dish! 7-9 $15 and well worth every cent! hmmmmm Hope I can work it in but that's Margarita night! Wonder if tequila and wine mix? I just might find out!


  1. Well now this is serious business! I am so impressed with your class results. It all looks delish! I'll have to look into taking a class there sometime. Fun stuff.

  2. that sounds like a lot of fun!!! i really enjoy cooking, so maybe sometime i'll try to find something like this in my area.

  3. Pizza class? You took a pizza class? Wow, you sure like to keep busy don't you! It all looks so delicious, how do you manage to stay so slim?

  4. Thanks to you, I signed up for the newsletter...I'll check out the classes and hope they can transform my cooking skills. Enjoy your last 2 weeks....but I'm sure its great to get back to your other life and the grandkids. Meanwhile, we'll be here.....sweating in the bubble.

  5. For those in the Ocala area, yes, do check out the Dish! Nice place for a late lunch or dinner too.
    Just a note to 'Paul & Sue'..are you in Ocala? Email me.