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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Paste Papers

Our CCC fiber group met on Thursday and we played around making 'paste papers'. That's ok..I didn't know what these were either! One of our members who teaches every art technique you can think of did a demo and brought most of the supplies need for us to each make some of these great papers. I'm posting a video at the end of this post which shows Joetta's hands at work! You basically use a print paste mixture; add pastels if you want; cover with acrylic paints and have fun!
The paper above is one Joetta made and used to cover a book with. She also teaches book making and I'm not talking about your paper bag books! Joetta makes books from leather and her own papers that are fabulous!

Here are some of our papers drying. Joetta's are all the larger pieces at the top. The rest of us worked in smaller sizes but I think they all turned out great. It was a fun evening and learning something new is always entertaining.
Today is Nick's 1st Communion and we'll be heading out soon to attend the service. It's decent out so far with temp in the low 50's and sun is out. So hard to believe these kids are getting older! Kayla is already 20, Ian will be 15 in May, Amber 12 in Aug. and Nick will be 8 in Sept. Yikes!!!


  1. What great fun! It's almost like finger-painting of years ago, but with specialty tools and useful results. I just love making background paper for books.

  2. Wow -- pretty colors! Looks like fun.

  3. Thanks for this post. You have reminded me of trying this on paper some years ago. Maybe it's time for me to use this technique again. This time I'ld like to pull a mono-print from it onto fabric. Have you tried this? any tips? Please stop by and see fiber-art by KathyBourgeois at

  4. Kathy, hope you check out my blog post for today (5/6/2011). I played with some mono printing you mentioned with the paste papers..nothing exciting for sure! I don't have your email to reply to directly (I did send email via your web site).