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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Food, Friends and Fun!

Friday night was a WONDERFUL night at Jan and Larry's! Carol, Tony, Bob and I headed off early yesterday afternoon looking forward to a great dinner. Let me tell you we were NOT disappointed!! First, check out the napkin Jan gave us! Just way too funny! You have to read the writing to see what the letters stand for.

Our evening started out with drinks and appetizer's of shrimp with cocktail sauce, baked brie and fruit. good.
Next, Jan made Bang, Bang Shrimp! OMG Bang, Bang shrimp is a dish made at Fish Bones or is it Bone Fish restaurant..either way, Jan has a recipe for it which is awesome!!! You fry shrimp using a coating or flour/cornstarch, egg dip then after it's fried you toss in this spicy Asian sauce and serve on romaine lettuce! Needless to say after all of this food we felt like we already had our dinner! But no, the main course was on it's way!

This is our beautiful hostess, Jan, getting ready to cook up the Bang, Bang Shrimp.

and these are Larry's hands holding up the crab legs he was preparing for us! I think he said he had eight pounds of crab legs!! Eight!!!
This is the bang, bang shrimp! The best ever!
Of course the guys had to watch the Master's as they ate! Tony is on the left, Larry in the middle and my better half with eyes glued to the set is on the right! The guys did take time out to fill their plates with food!
This was our place settings which Jan had decorated so cute! Lots of sea shells and candles!
Jan's centerpiece! Just a fun and colorful table setting! So inviting!
Yes, this was my plate and of course I ate it all!! I can't believe I did! In addition to the crab legs, Jan made home made cole slaw, biscuits, baked potato wedges and Larry made deep fried shrimp. Do you think we had enough to eat! It was ALL so good!! But wait..we aren't finished yet!
Dessert consisted of pecan squares that Jan made and they are to die for (of course, there had to be a scoop of pecan ice cream). Yummy!
And we had favors of M&M's and other chocolate to take home!

We had such a wonderful time with our friends and can't thank Jan and Larry enough for a great evening of food, friends and fun! I think I need to ride my bike for 20 miles a day for 20 days! But it was worth it! I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


  1. Everything looks so wonderful! I just ate dinner and you still made me hungry! Especially those pecan squares. You said the magic word. Anything with sugar and pecans in the same forkful............mmmmmmmm

  2. You just made me really really hungry!!! Next time you go to dinner, I want to tag along!

    Love the napkin and acronym!

  3. Pecan ice cream & squares? I am drooling ;)

    Love your beaded bird, such a lot of work!

  4. Looks like a great time; good food and friends and wonderful combination.