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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bunnies, birds, dogs and other such things!

So here is my progress on the bunny peyote bracelet I'm beading. I still have 3 1/4 bunnies to bead. The pattern is from Beth Muer (Until We Bead Again). Isn't it cute!! Check out Beth's blog and web site to see her bracelet and other patterns she has. It did take me awhile to 'teach' myself odd count peyote but after four hours and one margarita I did it! Or I am doing it - minus the margarita's now!!! I've only made needle cases (even count peyote) from Beth's patterns but now she has me hooked on this beading technique. Thanks for all your help on this as well, Beth!!

Now on to birds, dogs and other such things! These are pictures from this past week or so that I thought would be fun to share for family and friends. This is Mandy and Gracie sitting outside one sunny afternoon! It was too hot for them to sit in the sun! And you know how aware they are of the harmful rays from the sun! Neither of them care for sun screen!

About a week ago we had heavy, heavy rains here in Ocala early one morning. Poor Mandy had to wear her raincoat along with her booties. She's used to wearing the boots because I put them on her every morning because of the dew. White dogs don't stay white on their own! She doesn't like the coat but that morning it sure helped. It didn't stop raining until around 10 a.m. so we had to coax her outside. She's your typical 'woman'..."it's ok, I'll just 'hold' it!" hmmmmmm

This was the rain coming down at 7 a.m.! You can see the newspaper sitting in the middle of the driveway. Bob and I tossed a coin as to who was going out to get it! Wasn't me!

And check this out! This was hung in Jan's lanai the other day and I had to take a picture of it. It just reminded me of something you could 'zentangle'!

Or it would make a great beading project...

Or it would make a great black and white art quilt....

Or...Or...Or....oh, so many ideas and only one life!

And this was a piece I 'zentangled' the other day. The black is the front of a card I made. Rick and Maria from Zentangle developed a new 'tangle' called Mooka..that's at the bottom. Quite a lot of fun to do!

Today Carol and I headed back to the Villages to do some last minute shopping! We both saw on GMA yesterday that shopping is healthy for older folks. Well, Carol and I want to be healthy you know, so we did our best...and it worked! We just felt so good today! Our hubbies called us on the cell just as we were leaving the Villages and said to meet them for an late lunch/early dinner so we did! Another fun day with friends and of course food! Can't beat the day!


  1. Love the pic of Mandy and Gracie! What a twosome! (I cannot imagine having to transport the boys....Sweet Pea? yes, maybe, but not the boys!)
    Tres chic rain coat!
    Waiting for the storms to roll in...*sigh* ;-)


  2. Nice bracelet. I have done enough of this kind of work to know that it isn't easy, following a pattern this way. Not that hard, but takes plenty of concentration.

    All your photos are fun to view as usual. Good thing your dog isn't walking here. I nearly lost my boot the other day, the mud was almost up to my knee! Thank goodness for my muck boots.

  3. way super cute bunny bracelet! mandy looks pretty in her shoes and coat. sounds like you had a great day out and about shopping and such. me and shopping don't get along well together. i definitely wouldn't be able to keep up!

  4. The bracelet is so detailed! Nice job. Mandy is quite the fashion statement in her little coat. Good you got your shopping expedition in..