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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

Most of you are familiar with Ami Simms and her AAQI project. For those who are not, and for those who are!, check out one of the current YouTube to see the panels From Heartbreak to Hope premiered at the Hands Across the Valley Quilt Show in Amherst, MA last month. And while you're at it, check out some of the donation quilts that you could bid on each month or purchase and own one right now!

Had a great time yesterday picking up little ones from school! I kept saying, "it's so good to see you both!". Nick finally said, "grandma, you told us that four times already!". Yep, he was right! But it was good to see them and to meet 'Spike'...I have to admit the lizard was really cute! Who knew!

Dawn picked up pizza, salad and bread sticks for dinner and we all met over at her house so I got to see everyone together! What a nice evening! But grandma had to leave before dark! Actually, it was around 7:30 and kids still had some homework to do as well.

Today I'm going to pick out beads for my next bird BJP. He's already drawn onto a quilted background so I can just get started beading tonight. This afternoon I'll put my dyes, paints, etc. in my cabinet which is pretty easy to do. I keep everything in containers so I can just 'grab and go'! Hopefully, I'll get started on some artwork to post this week! I'm still in the spring cleaning mode which is good. At least it's good for Goodwill and another donation to Sister Rita at Outreach East! Temp was only 35 this a.m. but we do have some sun peaking out and it should get up to 50 today. We'll see!


  1. Welcome back home and yes, I'm doing the Goodwill routine (while DH is at work, so he won't see what is GOING....LOL!)
    It must be hard to be torn between two places you obviously love so much!
    I'm off to cleaning and pick up and put away again today....oh my.....maybe studio time? ha!


  2. Good you are getting back into the routine. Like you, I'm trying to lighten the load and give some things to Goodwill. But the sewing room... now that stays messy, and most everything stays!