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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weaver's Meeting

This is the weavers mascot, Tilly (her mom is Caryl who was our hostess again today! Tilly is just checking to make sure there aren't any more ladies coming to the meeting. Isn't she a doll!!!

There are lots of pictures of our show and tell as well as our afternoon program in this post. So for those interested, grab a glass of wine, margarita or cup of tea (boring!). Hope you enjoy seeing our efforts today!

This is a woven towel Betty made - actually she made many of these for another weaver's exchange she's in. Click on the picture to see the detail! And Betty is now a quilter too!! She took a quilting class using her hubby's T-shirts from his walk races he's been in. Isn't this great! What a keepsake for him! Betty is doing a really nice job and just has the border(s) to put on.
And here's another stained glass piece Susan is working on. Beautiful isn't it! Wait until you see her next stained glass piece!! It's huge and amazing! What talent!
Mary was working away on this sweater she's knitting. It's either for her hubby or for herself. And I thought she was knitting it for one of us!
Pat K. is gearing up for the weaver's conference and her classes! She wove (is that the right word??) this small purse. Pat even lined the inside. The yarn attached is the yarn she used to weave the fabric. Nice job isn't it!

I didn't catch where Pat saw and/or purchased these tatted snowflakes. Aren't they delicate. Sorry I didn't catch the name of the lady who made them.
Caryl has been working on her chair that one of her hand made dolls will sit on. Check out the bead work on the chair. Caryl still has some work to do but what a great start!
Here are Caryl's horse dolls she made for the auction at the school where she teaches. Aren't they adorable!!!!
This is an accordion book Caryl made for her grand daughter. It includes pictures of her kids, their pets and grand daughter. Check her out in the train engine! She's the conductor! Our Queen of Purple was busy making her towels for the weaver's exchange too. These were the softest towel! Betty thought they'd make a great pair of jammies! Not a bad idea!
Some extra towels Q of P made..and yes, they were just as soft!
I showed my beaded bird I'm working on. I did rip out an area in green and started over. I was stitching on two beads at a time but decided to string beads then couch them down. Works better for the wing area(s).
And I showed my 'Georgia on my Mind' piece. Long story but I'm thinking of redoing..actually making a whole new on...starting over. More on that later.
Our afternoon program was using metal repair tape to cover a book with. This is a method my friend Carol T. showed our fiber group last year. It's quite easy and for those interested you can see the process on my blog post from last year here.

Here's my buddy Susan working on her cover. She covered two books!

Ladies working hard!

Some of the finished books. Some added stamping on the front and some did stenciling. You can also add buttons, jewelry or anything to the front to jazz it up!
This was one of Caryl's books..she covered two books!
This was Pat's back cover! Isn't it cool! She did a stencil on her cover (front and back).
This was Betty's covered book. I love the sheep stamp!

These are Susan's two books she covered.
This is the back of Betty's book. Doodling! How clever!

This was Caryl's 2nd book!
Queen of Purple also made two books. These were little flip pads! You can cover anything!

Jan's 2nd book.

I think this was Betty's first coat of ink. Love the colors!


  1. Wow..all those assorted and wonderful projects! And a book cover lesson to boot. To say nothing of Tilly's welcoming presence. A good day. Your beaded bird is looking good.

  2. My goodness you girls do it all, don't you?!?

    And what are you talking about re-doing your quilt?????!!!!! Can't wait to hear why - it looks awesome, I can't imagine what is 'wrong' with it!

    Your beaded bird is extraordinary! I can't wait to see it finished.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us

  3. I love it! You are so lucky to have such a great network of talented friends.

  4. What a talented group of warped weavers! I love those book covers!
    [I found you from your link at Joggles.I'm taking Jane La Fazio's on-line collage class too!]