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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun with my Ipod & food, of course!

Last night I was playing around with my Ipod and decided to just see what other free Apps were available. So I downloaded the app called CamWow and 'wow' is it ever a hoot to play with! There are 12 different ways you can take pictures by stretching or distorting a photo. I started with the 'sketching' one and Bob and I had a blast taking pictures. This picture is in the living room! Looks just like a drawing doesn't it! Of course, tonight being Wed. is 99 cent margarita night so I took a picture in the sketching pattern and the 'real' drink! Yum...these are so good as was the food..more on that later.

Do you recognize my beaded bird above?? Cool isn't it!

This next picture is using the 'mirror image'...this was shot looking at the coffee table and into the kitchen!
Yes, we had too much fun with this free app! For those with the Iphone or Ipod, go and download it and play!

Now on to food...this was our appetizer we had..cheese and meat (yes, I ate the meat too!!). It's sooooo good!!! Yes, the margarita glasses were empty!

and check out what was waiting on our front door step when we got home!!! My sweet daughter sent me my Nonpareils (which I just love in dark chocolate!!) and carmels with sea salt!!! Bob and I each had one!! OMG!!! So good!!! Thank you, Dawn!!!! I didn't know there were Sander's stores still around Michigan!!!

Bob and I are going to watch Survivor now!! And 'think' about how much we have to exercise tomorrow to work off our dinner, drinks and candy!


  1. i love the effects - you could have fooled me! I quickly skipped the picture of the chocolates ... they look far too real :)
    best, tineke

  2. What a cool app.

    My husband is from Detroit and he still gets all dreamy-eyed when he talks about Sanders hot fudge topping. He brought some home from a trip over there once and it "disappeared" while he was at work! ;-)