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Friday, January 8, 2010

New laptop!

Yep, this is our new laptop! Yippee! Our old laptop has done a great job for us but with everything else, it was time to replace it. Bob's going to continue to use the old one for his fantasy football on weekends so it won't just sit there looking old! Dawn and Jeff bought us a web cam for Christmas but I'll install that on my desktop. The new laptop has web cam installed so now we can 'visit' with the kids while we are in Florida!

We did get an HP Pavilion with 4 GB and we got a heck of a good deal! That should do me for my lifetime! Now I need to get back to sewing and stop playing with our new toy!

I did make a pattern up yesterday for the 3 Creative Studio Challenge (click on their widget on the sidebar). The theme is 'puzzle' and I nixed my first idea and now settled on another idea which will include lots of hand work. the due date is the end of February but I'll post sneak peaks as I work on it. Beading is almost finished on my BJP2010 but I'm thinking of different ways to finish the edges rather than binding or facing...a call for more beads perhaps!

Weather was beautiful yesterday while Carol and I were out and about. Our 'almost' last stop was at ToysRus shopping for her grandson's upcoming 2nd BD. We ended up with a stop at Starbucks for a white mocha! No lunch just our coffee! Bob finally got to golf yesterday which was nice for him. Weather today is cloudy and 47 @ 8:37 a.m. Rain is supposed to make it's way here by tomorrow but sunny Sunday thru Tues. Finally some Florida weather will happen.


  1. What I would not GIVE for a way to GET to Starbucks and sit there sipping a Latte....pure heaven!!!
    Alas, I'll be sipping my own coffe and not complaining too much....and playing in the studio! :)


  2. Nice laptop, congrats. :) I'm struggling with "puzzle" and haven't found a solution yet.